Real world data collection & analysis.

Here at SentIntoSpace we have a passion for research and the development of scientific understanding. The company was founded by two doctors of engineering and our affiliated team consists of numerous professors and PhDs with a wide range of disciplines from Nano particle manipulation to Astro-Biology.

Our team of experts are ready to help deliver a platform for high altitude research, whether for testing equipment to its limits, capturing data and stratospheric samples, or even as a test platform for satellite components.


Our research is at the forefront of current understanding of the stratosphere. We work with both universities and organisations alike, from experimental results as a test platform to in depth analysis and publication. Our work has been published numerous times as we seek to develop our own research and assist others with theirs.

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Our launches have been successfully used as a test platform for various applications. Panasonic, for example used our stratospheric launches as an extreme condition test for their Toughpad range in temperatures below -60C, pressures as low as 7mbar and speeds over 200mph! We are able to work closely with your organisation to develop a test program to suit your needs. With our engineers operating a range of test equipment from electron microscopes to destructive testing rigs we're able to offer an extensive and efficient test platform to accommodate all aims and objectives.

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Our in-house engineers are able to develop almost anything you might need for a stratospheric test program. Working closely with our extended contacts, we produce electronics or structural components that can help develop your research needs, delivering accurate and reliable results rapidly.

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